About company

Simrop s.r.o. is a dynamic young czech company operating in the industrial automation. Simrop s.r.o. offer complexing software solutions, commissioning, integration, optimization and troubleshooting, PLC and robotic.

Simrop s.r.o. target is offering customers maximum use of the application, qualification, and to ensure investment security. Simrop´s customers gain a partner, who is actively communicating all the time and accepts the requirements of the client and ensure the fulfillment of objectives set deadline.


  • HW a SW solutions (robotics and PLC)
  • Robotic programming - solution, commissioning, integration and optimization
  • PLC - solution, commissioning, integration and optimization
  • Welding technicians - welding parameters, calibration, quality optimization
  • Project management, construction


Simrop´s programmers all have a lot of experience from many projects for Volkswagen AG, Škoda-Auto, a.s. and other companies not only in the automotive. Of course there is a need for certification of individual programmers, their continuous learning and an emphasis on maximum precision when working to the satisfaction of the client.

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